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SKU/Item Number: 157841

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$20 each

SKU/Item Number: 15CLEAN

$15 each

Pen Style Contact Cleaner– Cleans, lubricates, enhances conductivity and protects Springs/ Contact Screws on Tattoo Machines. Eliminates oxidation and improves conductivity. The best contact cleaner on the market! Contact sprays are messy, this super contact cleaner is easily used to clean your contacts on your Tattoo Machines. Gives long life to springs and contact screws. Helps with achieving #0 follow through or STL (Settling Time). Simply the best product on the market. Use after every time you  Tattoo. Brush the end of the Spring where the contact screw hits and also the contact screw. For best results use a cotton cloth or bounty towel to wipe off chemical after application, you can use the end of a needle bar (eye) over a piece of cloth/ towel to gently scrub off chemical, leaving springs and contact screws super clean and like new! Contains Poly Phenyl Ether. Your contact screws will last allot longer. Giving you the longest preferred tuning on your machine. Other cleaners contain mild acid that remove metal and can actually cause early spring failure. Comes with complete detailed instructions.

These are the best files on the market period! Made of the highest quality electroplated diamond process. They are the most excellent tool used for filing your Tattoo Tubes. Comes with complete detailed instructions on proper use and care. All tubes should be filed after every tattoo procedure. As all tubes form a groove or grooves from the needle(s) riding against the tube, that can cause splatter and excessive needle side to side motion that leads to poor tattoo work. This is a 5 piece set designed for San Martin Tattoo, which include: two flat, two square and one round. The small square is even capable of filing those tight 1 needle liner tubes. They are diamond electro coated. You get what you pay for with these beauties! Comes with a blue pocket carrying case.


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$80        5 piece set


$50        each

Designed for the Tattoo Industry. San Martin Tattoo name laser engraved on blade. Includes 7 blades: .040, .045, .050, .055, .060, .070 and .080”Typically, San Martin Tattoo uses the following Gauges for measuring point gap: 040, .045, .050, .055 and .060 = shading machines} .050, .055 and .060 = lining machines}.060, .070 and .080 = color machines. Measuring throw gap is just as important. Comes with instructions on how to measure both contact point and throw gap. Throw gap is usually falls between .050 thru .080. Knowing the right gap for each job is crucial. Thin inks will usually require less contact gap and a shorter throw gap; however, the amount of needles being used supersedes ink viscosity.  Knowing the right contact point gap and throw gap for your machine is crucial when optimizing. Email San Martin Tattoo any questions on Machine set-up or Tattooing advice. There are no dumb questions, San Martin Tattoo will be happy to answer all questions related to Tattooing. Click on more details!

This beautiful Pen Style Blade is the most perfect tool for fanning the needles on Flats or Magnums.  Blade is small enough to fit in between the needles to have them fanned out without damaging the needles. Needles that are fanned out provide better puncture into the skin with little resistance. They make for better ink flowing needles. A must for the true Professional Tattoo Artist. Blade is spring loaded and is retractable with the press of a button. Very Beautiful and convenient for on the go Artists! Comes with complete detailed instructions on proper use and care.

SKU/Item Number: Penblade1

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$20       each

Your spring tension gauge has been calibrated with a Tattoo Machine specific Jonard dial caliper tension gauge and is as accurate/ precise within its range. Your gauge has been marked and sealed at its fittings. In addition, locktite was used on the screw threads to insure a long lasting calibration. Do not unscrew the fittings.

Typical tension for springs on tattoo machines are as follows:


Liner machine 1pass             380-460grams

Liner Shader                            440-500grams

Shader & Coloring                  420-440grams

Shader only B&G/ Blend     440-500grams

Solid Coloring                         380-420grams


$60      each

SKU/Item Number: Springtension

Measures the rear spring tension on Tattoo Machines. A must for all Pros. Most suppliers sell these not calibrated. San Martin Tattoo calibrates all these spring tension gauges against a sophisticated Tattoo Machine specific JONARD dial caliper tension gauge to ensure accuracy.  This tool is a must for all Professional Tattoo Artists. Comes with complete detailed instructions on proper use and care. There are many factors that determine correct rear spring tension on any particular machine (i.e., needle configurations, spring gauge, machine speed, Armature bar spring perch gap, etc.) There are too many to list! Optimization of Tattoo Machines, only comes with the right information and experience. Owning this tool is a great step in discovering the secrets of Tattoo Machine tuning. You can start by measuring the tension on your existing machines that run good for your tattooing style. Once measurement is obtained, you can always reset the exact tension, for that machine. Especially needed when replacing springs. Click on more details!

Contact Burnishing File - Pen Style

Contact Cleaner Felt Pen Style

Diamond Files - for Tube Tips

Feeler Gauge for Tattoo Machines

Pen Style Blade for Fanning Mags

Spring Tension Gauge

Tattoo Tools

Handy and practical, with pocket clip and magazine of extra blades. Blades fit into chuck at end of barrel. Practically any degree of blade rigidity is possible by varying depth of blade in chuck. Reservoir for extra blades at other end. Black plastic barrel and cap permits working on live contacts. 4 1/4" (10.8 cm) long x 3/8" (9.5 mm) diameter overall. Blades are 11/64" (4.36 mm) wide x 1 1/2" (3.8 cm) long. Used to clean contact screw/ points on tattoo machines! Used by professionals everywhere. Includes 6 burnishing blades. Comes with complete detailed instructions on proper use and care.