.Excellent lettering. Bright bold colors. Lettering appears as though it were laser printed on the skin.

The best tattoo colors in the business. Bright, bold, vivid colors

Excellent line work. Custom professional arm bands. Bring your own or select from a large selection.

Master of Dragon work. Any style, any design.

Excellent tribal work. Super triple black color.




Body Bands



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Call or text cell# 626-378-0348

Email: jerrysm@sanmartintattoo.com


Bad Ass Portraits!!! San Martin’s own special technique to achieve the most realistic look you’ve ever seen!

Sterilization training

San Martin Tattoo practices safe and sterile tattooing. San Martin Tattoo uses only brand new needles on all tattoos– No Exceptions


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Excellent Cover-ups. Specialized techniques to get the best possible cover up. Over fifteen years of experience!