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Armature Bar Dampener Sticker

All San Martin Tattoo Machines come with a sticker underneath the Armature Bar. This is used to reduce sound and vibrations. The most important being the reduction of vibrations, because they cause more trauma and pain to your clients. Additionally, it makes for a smoother running machine. They also protect the Armature Bar and Coils from wearing down. Again, you want to get the longest tuning and life out of your hardware. Moreover, there are many materials in lieu of a sticker that can accomplish the same results (i.e., small O-Ring, synthetic sheeting); however, I find a sticker requires less additional voltage to run your machine. In fact, using a sticker underneath the Armature Bar will require only one additional volt from your machine. You can find more technical information on how to lower the overall optimal running voltage on your Tattoo Machine and enhance its performance in my book, “The Secret to Life: Tattooing Information.”


Replace the sticker, when you notice a drastically lower duty cycle than your factory setting. You can also prior to tattooing press down on the A-Bar and if you notice it sticking to the Coil Core, then it’s time to replace. You can also check for replacement by placing a piece of linty paper towel in between A-Bar and Coil Core underneath the sticker, if the paper towel sticks to the sticker, then it’s time to replace. When replacing use a flat razor to remove the used sticker carefully, then wipe the old adhesive away with a little bit of WD-40 sprayed onto a Bounty paper towel. You can place the saturated WD-40 paper towel underneath the Armature Bar and Coil Core, then press down on the Armature Bar. While having the WD-40 paper towel pressed in between the Armature Bar and Coil Core begin to pull it out, as this will wipe away the adhesive. Do this several times until all traces of adhesive are gone. Next, use a clean piece of Bounty paper towel to clean in the same manner. Make sure the bottom of the A-Bar is clean and dry before placing a new sticker.


Use a good light source to look under the Armature Bar when installing the new sticker. Remove backing from sticker and place on top of coil core with the adhesive on the top side facing the Armature Bar bottom, make sure to center the sticker on coil core. You can use your San Martin Tattoo feeler gauge or a flat head screw driver to move the sticker around until its in the exact center of the coil core. Next, you press down on the Armature Bar to make contact with the adhesive side of the sticker. Additionally, you can use your feeler gauge to flatten the sticker equally on all sides, after it has seated. Use a razor blade to cut-off excess sticker from sides, if necessary. Run your machine for ten minutes to allow the Armature Bar and Coil Core to seat. If your machine was not designed, tuned or set up correctly, before this procedure, it may further deteriorate your machines function; however, if your machine was already tuned and set-up correctly, this procedure will only enhance its performance.  More pertinent information on advanced machine tuning and tattooing can be found in my book, “The Secret to Life: Tattooing Information.”