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Spring Gauge

Your spring tension gauge has been calibrated with a Tattoo Machine specific Jonard dial caliper tension gauge and is as accurate/ precise within its range. Your gauge has been marked and sealed at its fittings. In addition, locktite was used on the screw threads to insure a long lasting calibration. Do not unscrew the fittings.Typical tension for springs on tattoo machines are as follows:


Liner machines                                                 380 - 440grams


Liner shader                                                       440 - 480grams


Shader & Color machine                                400 - 440grams


Shader only B&G/ Blend machines            440 - 480grams


Color machines                                                 360 - 400grams



To use your new spring tension gauge properly follow diagram below.         

(1) Apply pressure here.   (2) "L" end of gauge at the end edge of the front of the armature bar. (3) Center of spring indicator is location of exact measurement. Use the center of the spring against markings on gauge. (4) gauge indicator must be straight & parallel when making measurements. * when applying pressure to handle look at armature bar, as soon as it makes contact with front coil, take measurement.

More pertinent information on advanced machine tuning and tattooing can be found in my book, “The Secret to Life: Tattooing Information.”



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