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The highest quality Rubber Bands for Tattoo Machines on the market! Unlike any other rubber bands you’ve used! They have a deep luster gloss black. These beauties are made of 90% rubber / 10% silicone, producing the most elastic, longest lasting, consistent tension for any Tattoo Machine. It is imperative to have the right amount of tension on the needle bar. Too much tension and your tubes wear out quickly, too little tension and your work will be weak, causing needle wobble and faint lines. They only come in one color: BLACK. Most machines will require TWO rubber bands on the needle bar. If your tubes aren’t producing solid lines or the ink doesn’t seem to go in, then try a third band. Every machine is different! The distance from the rear of the Tattoo Machine, where the rubber band seats, to the needle bar contact varies with all machines. Take measurements of all your machines from the rear to the needle bar. The longer the distance, the more stretch the rubber bands will have thus creating more tension. The shorter the distance the weaker tension will be created. Know your machines! Experiment to determine how much tension your machines require. These measurements will give you a better understanding of how many rubber bands to use or which size is needed, there is a “Sweet spot!” Find it! Tattoo machine rubber bands must be replaced after every Tattoo. Sold in 1/4lb. Bags, each bag contains approximately 1000 rubber bands or more! If your lines/ color continue to be faint after adding more tension you will need to adjust needle depth. Keep in mind that the needles will flex if they extend to far out from the tube tip (i.e., long taper, bug pins) this is because they lose the back support of the tube. This isn’t so much of a problem with rounds because they are supported by the other needles soldered to them; however, MAGS, Stacks and Flats stand alone. I try to keep my MAGS, Stacks and Flats at between .060” - .080” from the tube tip and my rounds between .080” - .125”   I only use the tips of the needles when tattooing, never bury the needles or ride the tube. I use .060” - .070” for all my black & grey work and .070” - .080” for all my coloring work, depending on the location of the body (i.e., skin thickness). For body parts with thin skin: wrists, neck, forearms, feet and hands, I will set at .060” for black & grey and .070” for coloring. For body parts with thick skin: shoulder, legs, chest etc., I will set my needles out .070” for black & grey and .080” for coloring.


Also the shorter they extend out the tube tip, the quicker the ink/ pigment will flow to the needle tips. You can shorten the length on rounds when you want to get thicker lines or MAGS, Stacks and Flats for more color saturation. For Black and Grey work, you get better gradations keeping the needle extension on your MAGS short: .060”

As a Tattoo Artist, you are paid for the decisions you make throughout the tattoo process to achieve great end results. Use common sense and adjust when needed. More pertinent information on advanced machine tuning and tattooing can be found in my book, “The Secret to Life: Tattooing Information.”

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Rubber Bands