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                                                   Jerry San Martin

                                                   Santa Barbara, California

Jerry San Martin grew up in Southern California and throughout his life he enjoyed the support of his loving San Martin family.  The company of great friends from all walks of life has added great adventures along the way. His favorite indulgence and aspiration has been to travel and acquire infinite knowledge.

Jerry loved art from early childhood as he refined his skills through various mediums such as oils, pastels and charcoal.  He began tattooing in 1990.  He later developed an interest in Chemistry, Mechanics and Engineering. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business with an emphasis in technical management. His favorite pass-time is to learn new skills and he takes great pride in perfecting his craft. Amongst his many accomplishments, in addition to finding ways to improve the status quo, he never ceases to create. His innovations and inventions include: The Millennium Cross, The San Martin Tattoo® Machine, Author of “Tattooing secrets they don’t want you to know” and his design clothing.

San Martin Tattoo® offers one of the most unique tattoo machines in the world: The San Martin Tattoo Machine. If this machine we’re a woman, she would be describe as a sexy, sophisticated, refined, Harvard graduate! The machine uses the best materials in the world, with over 20 years of machine tuning experience, these machines are truly a work of art. They are handmade with modern knowledge, using only the highest grade materials. They are ready to tattoo out of the box.

Envisioned and created by Jerry San Martin: The Millennium Cross is a revolutionary interpretation of the hope of victory over death that Christ offers to all who believe.

The San Martin Tattoo® trademark “Risen Christ” was inspired by the Millennium Cross. A victorious symbol of defeat over evil, ignorance, corruption, and laziness.

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“Tattooing secrets they don’t want you to know” is simply the best how-to book on  the art of Tattooing. There is nothing like it, San Martin reveals the real deal behind Tattooing!

Jerry San Martin
Santa Barbara

“Information is the fuel that moves humanity towards immortality”


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“View the world and everything in and out of it as information.”

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“The mind is our connection to the spirit world”

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“The mind of an Artist has the ability to extend past the veil of society and touch reality”

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