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The meaning of life has puzzled man from the beginning of our existence. In the Bible: Jesus says, “ Everyone who wants to hear truth, listens to me” and Pilate’s response was, “What is Truth?” (John 18:37-38)


On earth there is one fact that is unquestionable; One fact that is universal and has proven to be truth throughout the world no matter the religion or creed. MY THEORY is that all human beings on earth are biologically the same, no matter skin color, culture or ethnicity. However, there is one thing that makes us all unique and different. That difference is: INFORMATION.


Everything around us is INFORMATION and the secret to life is to obtain as much INFORMATION as possible. The more you have, will give you a greater advantage amongst the rest of humans on earth. Information can be as simple as baking a cake, tailoring a suit, and building a cars engine. All these activities require and are information, we don't just automatically know how to bake a cake or do such things. We were taught at a young age how to read and learn. Our young minds are constantly absorbing information. We learn from our parents, radio, television and computers. We absorb information through our five senses and use it when needed.


Everything on earth is INFORMATION.  All scientist gather information, whether in space, oceans, mountains, deserts, forests, or in the snow. All things on earth and space are information, for example: When driving down the street, everything you see is information. The trees are made up of atoms, cell structure, roots and the names of the many components of a tree. The pavement that your car rides in is made out of material that is rock, cement, and asphalt. When looking up at the sky: the clouds and atmosphere have gasses, which have names and the molecules that make up the sky. All things on earth and space can be broken down by INFORMATION. All of our modern technologies and advances are only an accumulation of INFORMATION gathered from our human ancestors. Information has been passed from Egyptians, to Greeks to Romans and so on. Our travels into space have led us to acquire more information. The more information we feed our minds; our minds will begin to change. The best example of this is; if you think about how you thought five years ago, your current set of mind will not be the same, due to all the new information absorbed in your mind. Humans of the past only have the information they acquired in there era and will not know about cell phones, computers and such. So the secret to life is INFORMATION.


 I am a Christian and believe in Jesus Christ; however, if I weren't given this information about Christianity. I would not be a Christian. The progress of humans on earth is dependant on humans hungering for INFORMATION and ultimately viewing the world and everything in it as INFORMATION.


Humans must desire INFORMATION in order for the minds of people to change and for progress in our cities and societies to take place! Information on curing cancer, aids, and stopping wars is all dependant on desire to obtain information. There will never be a human leader on our planet that will truly help people live better lives or create a change to end poverty. The only entity that will accomplish this is people themselves doing for themselves. Only people will bring about change thru information. When a society can achieve equal information for all its citizens and all its citizens have equal information. That society’s citizens will have equal wealth. There will be no rich and no poor; however, everyone will be healthy and have a good quality of life. Equal information will remove animosities and greed that currently plaque our world. Lack of information currently makes slaves of humans for those that have an abundance of information, which make gods commandment to love one another difficult. It is my opinion/ theory that equal information will achieve: Jesus command to love one another and there we will find the kingdom of God.


                                                                                                                                  Jerry San Martin~  © 2009



“Secret To Life”