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Nitrile exam gloves should only be used for Tattooing. Petroleum products used during tattooing will cause latex gloves to break down. Nitrile gloves (Powder Free) have become a standard in the industry. The value of Nitrile gloves are in there comfort, fit and the knowledge that you are using gloves that are safe for use with petroleum products. These exam gloves are textured for a sure grip and comfort. Sold at the best money can buy price! These gloves are only sold in the Extra Large size; however, you wont find this inexpensive price anywhere for the top quality of these gloves. Contains 100 gloves.

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Size: XL

Paper backed, transparent plastic self-sealing pouches provide easy visual inspection and identification of the contents. All pouches have a thumb notch for easy opening and a color indicator for steam sterilization. Each box contains 200 pouches. Sold in Size: 2 X 7 3/4箱 which is perfect for all tattoo needles on bars, tube stems, and tube grips up to 5/8.

These pouches are perfect for those artists who like to keep there supplies compact and mobile. They are truly the perfect fit. Give them a try and you wont go back to those bulky fit pouches.

Non妨oven sponges are more absorbent than cotton. Viscose/ polyester formed fabric. Low lint, non-sterile. Not for bandaging tattoos. Sold in packages of 200. These are perfect for preparing the skin area for tattooing. Simply apply your surgical scrub to the sponge and clean area in small circular motions, working from the center of the Tattoo Area towards the outside of the Tattoo Area. Used by hospitals, surgeons, Tattoo artists everywhere. Used in the 撤rofessional way of skin preparation.


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Lubriderm Daily Moisture lotion is used as an after care product for fresh tattoos and as a daily care product for all existing tattoos.

Regular Fragrance Free, Non-Greasy Feel. 6 Fl Oz.


Excellent Size to give or sell to your clients. Including your aftercare products with the tattoo service ensures your clients will follow through with the correct aftercare and your work will heal properly, giving you the best advertisement to prospective clients!


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500由EGULAR 6 Defend Tongue Depressors

Defend products are the true professionals choice for there outstanding quality.

Use to remove ointment or creams directly from jars and apply directly to the skin. Used to prevent contamination and provide a clean and safe tattoo environment.


Single Use Only.

Defend Barrier Film唯lue 1200 feet.

Defend products are the professionals choice for there outstanding quality.

Infection control barrier with tacky adhesive. Use in areas where you don't want contamination or ink stains, such as tattoo lamp, machine holder, tattoo chair etc. Perforated 4 X 6 sheets are easy to apply and remove with special non-stick corners for easier removal.


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500/BOX each




Tattoo Goo Soft Ointment Aftercare

Tattoo Goo Aftercare Lotion

Tattoo Goo Soap Aftercare

Nitrile Exam Gloves X-Large

Defend Sterilization Pouches

Defend Non-Woven Sponges

Lubriderm Daily Moisture - After Care

H2Ocean Kit Tattoo Aftercare

Defend - Tongue Depressors

Defend Barrier Film

The Original Tattoo Goo ointment is the natural choice for healing your tattoo. Based with eight natural ingredients, the 徹riginal is 99% natural.

Tattoo Goo 典he Lotion was developed for people with sensitive skin. It is gentle enough to use on the face and is perfect for everyday use. With unique combinations of A&D, healthy skin ingredients, and proven moisturizers, Tattoo Goo 典he Lotion heals and protects dry skin.


Tattoo Goo deep cleansing ANTIBACTERIAL aftercare soap for tattoos & piercings.

H2Ocean痴 Ultimate Tattoo Care system has been designed to ensure an all natural and safe care regiment for your new tattoo. This unique water based step by step care system will cleanse, moisturize and lock in the ink. Includes all three aftercare products: Soap 1.7oz, Cream 2.5oz and Foam 2oz.