Tattoo Goo Soft Ointment Aftercare

The Original Tattoo Goo ointment is the natural choice for healing your tattoo. Based with eight natural ingredients, the “Original” is 99% natural.

Tattoo Goo Aftercare Lotion

Tattoo Goo “The Lotion” was developed for people with sensitive skin. It is gentle enough to use on the face and is perfect for everyday use. With unique combinations of A&D, healthy skin ingredients, and proven moisturizers, Tattoo Goo “The Lotion” heals and protects dry skin.


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Tattoo Goo aftercare ~




Remove the bandage in 3 hours and place a small amount of Tattoo Goo® Deep Cleansing Soap in your dry hands and lather, apply to Tattooed area softly when washing and take care to remove all traces of blood as this will cause scabbing, you can rinse with cold water. You need to leave tattooed area clean of ointment, blood, and body fluids. Caution- “This is the only time you will wash enough to remove all the above stated.” (never remove a scab!!)


Blot the area dry with plain bounty paper towel or air dry and wait 10-15 minutes. Apply a thin amount of         Tattoo Goo® ointment. If Tattoo Goo® ointment is not available, as an alternative you can use “Original” Lubriderm non-scented.


The healing process is a total of Three Weeks. During the healing process your tattoo will flake and peel. Tattoo Goo® ointment prevents drying and cracking and helps aid in the prevention of scarring, along with retaining maximum pigment in the skin.


During WEEKS 1-2-3: Wash the Tattoo with Tattoo Goo® Deep Cleansing Soap  2 times a day (morning and before bedtime), as stated above* and use Tattoo Goo® ointment  3-5 times a day or as needed. Use in very light coats, don't put blobs of ointment, light coats will suffice, but use the ointment as many times as needed to keep the area shiny. Always apply Tattoo Goo® ointment  before bedtime! When you run out of the ointment begin using Tattoo Goo® Aftercare Lotion. Never let your tattoo dry. Always have ointment or lotion on the tattoo to make it look shiny. Light coats.




     NO CLOTHING ON TATTOO! Clothing will cause the scabs to peel and you will loose color. Tight clothes or straps will cause the ink to bleed. If it is not possible to keep the tattoo free of clothing please tape plastic food wrap on the skin (for a limited time and on top of the ointment only) to protect Tattoo from clothing. Make an effort to air out your Tattoo as much as possible. In your home away from the sun remove your clothing covering your tattoo and let it air out the majority of the time. Only for a very short while use the plastic food wrap, use your common sense, and very loose clothing any questions call your tattoo artist


     DO NOT SOAK THE TATTOO IN WATER! Quick showering is okay, but get in and out. This means absolutely no swimming. Both salt water (ocean), and chlorinated water (pools) are especially bad for fresh tattoos.


      DO NOT EXPOSE THE TATTOO TO THE SUN for 2 weeks no matter how much you want to show it off!  Avoid direct sunlight for thirty days after the tattooed area has healed. Use sunscreen or sun block on your tattoo for the rest of your life when exposed to the sun. Care and protection will keep the lines sharp and the colors bright!


      DO NOT SCRATCH THE TATTOO! Scabs, Itching and peeling skin is normal – don’t pick or scratch it! You can scratch the area around the scab outside of the tattoo to relieve the itch. Let is heal naturally.


             DO NOT GO TO THE GYM OR WORKOUT! You will sweat and gyms are filled             with bacteria. It also causes your tattoo to run. DON’T DO IT!!!!!!!

Tattoo Goo Soap Aftercare

Tattoo Goo deep cleansing ANTIBACTERIAL aftercare soap for tattoos & piercings.

Priced: $6 each     3 oz. Tube


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